Judging Criteria for the 2010 Scripting Games


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Each of the scripts submitted during the 2010 Scripting Games is judged on a 5-point scale. The score is indicated by the assignment of “stars.” Here are the grading criteria used by the judges to determine the score of each script that is submitted on the PoshCode site:

·         1 star is automatically awarded to the submission. If a person submits a script for an event, it receives a star.

·         1 star is awarded if the submission looks like it answers the question or meets the criteria of the scenario.

Therefore, if a person makes a submission that looks like it answers the question, it receives two stars.

The remaining three stars are “style and design points.” Some of the scenarios specify criteria for receiving style points. Scenarios with specified style guidelines are listed here:

·         Advanced Event 1: Style points granted to the script that includes command-line help and custom help messages.

·         Advanced Event 3:

o    Extra design points awarded if the script allows for multiple weeks’ worth of files and automatically calculates the new file names.

o    Extra design points awarded if the script permits the student to supply an array of class names and therefore override the default class names.

o    Extra design points awarded if the script stores the current class names in the registry and permits default class names, or allows for an updated registry key to store new defaults.

o    Style points awarded if the script uses a GUI to permit selecting the target folder.

·         Advanced Event 5: Style points given for reusable code.

·         Beginner Event 7: Style points awarded if you display a summary message that states how many tools are installed.

·         Advanced Event 10:

o    Extra design points are awarded if a selectable file filter mask is implemented. For example, allow the user to select to move .mp3 and .doc files, but not .xls files.

o    Style points are awarded for presentation of a graphical interface to select the destination folder.

o    Style points are awarded for presentation of a progress bar or other visual progress indicator.

For the remaining events that do not have call outs for extra points, the following conventions will be used to determine the number of style and design points that are granted:

·         Reusable code

·         Clarity of style

·         Liberal use of comments

·         Following a logical naming convention

·         Anything that goes beyond the bare minimum requirements of the scenario

·         Use of graphical elements (that are not specified in the script)

·         Usage of a novel approach to the problem

One last thing to keep in mind: The intent of the script judging is to establish the relative merit of the scripts for each category. Therefore, a 5-star beginner script might not be equal to three stars if it were submitted in the advanced category. A 5-star script is clearly an excellent script in the view of the judges, but may not be the #1 best script in the category. There is no rationing of grades, and therefore it would be perfectly acceptable if all scripts in a category received 5 stars.


Ed Wilson and Craig Liebendorfer, Scripting Guys