Hey, Scripting Guy! 2009 Scripting Games Event 9 Details (Beginner and Advanced; the javelin throw)


2009 Summer Scripting Games

Beginner Event 9: The javelin throw

For the javelin throw event, you will soar as you write a time logger.

Event Scenario

(Imagine Billy Mays reading the next sentence.) Soar to new heights as you suddenly impress your boss, your colleagues, or your friends with detailed logs that tell them exactly where your time goes during the day. All people in IT or consulting eventually are required to provide status reports or activity logs either to prove where time was spent on a project, or to justify the amount of time spent on a seemingly trivial task. Or maybe it is a positive procedure that provides documentation to justify increased head count. Whatever the reason, the outcome is the same: log it and document it, or else it does not exist. Before you reach for a pencil and a piece of paper, pick up your favorite script editor and scripting language and toss the javelin into the air. This one will land exactly you-know-where after you complete this scenario.

In this scenario, you will write a time logger. The essential characteristic of a time logger is time-stamped text entries that describe a particular activity. You must provide the means of writing time-stamped text entries into a text file or other storage mechanism to complete this task.

Note:  Like many of the other entries that make up the Summer Scripting Games, this event can be easily expanded upon to incorporate additional features for the time logger. You must decide how you want to receive the input for the entry. You must also decide if you to use a timer mechanism to provide summary information such as the activity took two hours. You may even decide to allow categories of activities such as troubleshooting, setup, help desk calls, answering e-email, or project planning. How you choose to answer this one and the features you decide to incorporate will determine your peer review at the end of the games. More importantly, it will determine the usefulness of your time logger.


Advanced Event 9: The javelin throw

In the javelin throw event, you will throw your heart into your work as you attempt to sort a tab-delimited text file based upon a particular column.

Event Scenario

In the javelin throw event, 19 athletes from countries around the world converge on a single location and throw their javelins three times. Those who meet the minimum distance of 82.5 meters with their throw move on to the final round. If there are not at least 12 athletes who meet the minimum distance of 82.5 meters, the top 12 distances are selected. Each competitor is granted three throws. If the throw is disqualified an “X” is recorded for that throw. The top score for each athlete is then used to select the 12 who move on to the finals.

Your task is to produce a new list that contains the computed top score for each athlete and their rank (against the other 18 athletes). The new list should be placed in descending rank (that is, the top athlete should be listed in first place). 

Note:  Use the Javelin Throw Data.txt file from the Competitor’s Pack for your input data.

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