Hey, Scripting Guy! 2009 Scripting Games Event 4 Details (Beginner and Advanced; high jump)


2009 Summer Scripting Games

Beginner Event 4: The high jump

In the high jump event, you must soar to new heights as you read a database containing high jumpers’ training data in order to predict who will win on the day of the competition.

Event Scenario

The ability to access data from external sources is a fundamental scripting need. Whether the data comes from Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), an Office Excel spreadsheet, a text file, or a database, most scripts require external data. It makes sense really: If you already knew everything, there would be no need to write and run a script.

In this scenario, you will query an Access database (provided in the Competitor’s Pack) and retrieve the name of the high jumper whom you expect to win. The expected winner, of course, is the one who has the highest training jumps. 


Advanced Event 4: The high jump

In the high jump event, participants jump over a horizontal bar that is placed at different heights.  For this event, you will be given the results of a series of jumps and be asked to draw a graph that indicates the trend of the jumps.  

Event Scenario

Script writers are often called upon to produce a graph; any kind of graph, to display information. “Can  you produce a graph of this information?” Rarely does the requester specify what kind of graph to produce.


In this scenario, you will produce a graph from data that represents high jumpers jumps. Their last thirty jumps are contained in the High Jump Stats_Adv4.txt file (from the competitors pack). You can produce whatever kind of graph you wish to produce. You do a retro graph, ala main frame, that uses a series of dashes and x’s or you can “get fancy” and use Excel. We think that Excel will probably look the best, but the x’s and dashes graph might be pretty cool. Just like real life, the choice is up to you.


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