Grab the 2012 Scripting Games Badge!

Dr Scripto

Image of Dr. Scripto

Please show your support for the 2012 Scripting Games by linking back to us! Copy the following code and paste it into your blog!

<a href=””><img alt=”2012 Scripting Games” src=” original-url=”×0/__key/communityserver-blogs-components-weblogfiles/00-00-00-76-18/8203.hsg_2D00_2_2D00_4_2D00_12_2D00_1.png style=”display: block; margin: 0px auto; border-width:0px” /></a>

 <p style=”font-size: 80%; text-align: center; margin: 0px”><a href=”” original-url=”×0/__key/communityserver-blogs-components-weblogfiles/00-00-00-76-18/8203.hsg_2D00_2_2D00_4_2D00_12_2D00_1.png” title=”2012 Scripting Games–Grab this badge here!”>Grab this badge here!</a></p>


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