Frequently Asked Questions (So Far) About the 2010 Scripting Games


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Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson here. Well, the 2010 Scripting Games are off to a great start with lots of enthusiasm and some excellent scripts. Here are some of the questions we have seen on the 2010 Scripting Games Forum, Twitter, and about the Games.

I just realized I have 7 days to submit my script for an event. I would like to add some things to my script, but I do not see a way to recall or delete my entry.

You are right; there is not a recall or delete function. If you really feel like you would like to make substantial changes, send the link to the script to, and we will forward these to JayKul at PoshCode. Keep in mind that JayKul and the others at PoshCode are volunteering their time, equipment, and energy to this project,t and they all have real jobs. Why do I mention this? It is a manual process to delete the scripts. We can do it if you will be unhappy otherwise.

I am getting tired of browsing to review the scripts submitted on PoshCode. Is there a way to search for scripts?

Yes. In the upper right corner next to Login/Profile, there is a text box. Type search terms in there, and press ENTER. The box is not labeled, and there is not a submit button. But search does work (if you tried this earlier in the week, try it again).

I am not on the leaderboard, but I submitted my script. What’s up with that?

The leaderboard report runs at midnight Pacific Time, and if you submit your script later than that, it will be counted in the next day’s leaderboard. Earlier in the week, this was a manual process and it happened somewhere between nine and midnight Eastern Time. Also keep in mind that we are not listing anonymous submissions on the leaderboard.

I tried to upload my script, but it is not working. What’s going on?

There have been a few challenges along the way. Keep trying. Things are getting better. We are updating the status on the Scripting Games Forum, on Twitter, and on the Scripting Guys Facebook group. If we do not have a note that says it is down, you should let us know about it by Twitter. The tag for the 2010 Scripting Games on Twitter is #2010sg and we are filtering for that. If you do not include that tag, we will miss your tweet. The cool thing is you can also filter for #2010sg and catch up with everything that is going on. You may also want to filter for #ScriptingGuys, #PowerShell, and #VBScript.

I am unhappy with my standing in the Games. What can I do?

We suggest that you pay attention to the grading guidelines. A basic script that meets the needs of the scenario will get two stars. That is a good score for the Games. Nevertheless, if you add additional things such as error handling, comments, and the like, you will gain additional points. In addition, you can enter Beginner and Advanced events for both VBScript and Windows PowerShell. This would make four scripts a day. We do have some people who are actually doing this.

You guys are posting stuff several times a day on your blog. How do I keep up with everything?

Use the 2010 Scripting Games tag on our blog. It will bring up everything. There is also an all-in-one page that provides the essentials such as links to each event, to Posh Code, and the like. However, if you only use that page, you might miss some of the other cool things.


Ed Wilson and Craig Liebendorfer, Scripting Guys