6/09/09: How to Submit Scripts for the 2009 Summer Scripting Games



  1. Go to http://scriptinggames.poshcode.org/.
  2. Click Log In.
  3. Click one of the OpenID icons and then sign in on the subsequent OpenID partner site.
    1. If you do not have an OpenID, go to http://openid.net/ to learn about how to get one.
  4. On the New Entry page (http://scriptinggames.poshcode.org/code/new.xhtml):
    1. Choose the event from the Event drop-down list.
    2. Type the title of the script in the Title box.
    3. Type the summary of what the script does in the Summary box.
    4. Choose the language from the Language drop-down list.
    5. Paste the script in the Script box.
    6. Choose the type of license from the License drop-down list.
  5. When you have completed all information, click Publish.
  6. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. (In other words, do all of this again for the next event!)