2012 Scripting Games Advanced Event 6: Compute Uptime for Multiple Servers

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Summary: In Advanced Event 6, you are required to compute the uptime for multiple servers.

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Date of Event

4/9/2012 12:01 AM

Due Date

4/16/2012 12:01 AM

Event scenario

You are the server lead for a medium-sized enterprise, and your boss has tasked you with computing the uptime of all servers on the network on a daily basis. This information will be stored in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for ease of analysis. Because of the large number of servers, the script will take some time to run; therefore, your boss has decided to compute all uptime as of 8:00 AM local time. If a server reboots after 8:00 AM, but before the report runs, the uptime is zero, and it will be factored into the report for the next day. Create a new report file each day for all the servers on the list. An acceptable output is shown in the image that follows.

Image of command output

Design points

  • Your script should be capable of running more than once per day. If it does, it should not generate an error.
  • Create the CSV file in the logged-on users Documents special folder.
  • The file name should use the year, month, and day that the report runs, with the addition of _Uptime to the file. It will appear like the following: 20120409_Uptime.csv
  • The column headers should appear on the first row only. The headings should be ComputerName, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, and Date.

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