2010 Scripting Games: Advanced Event 6–Automatically Copying Files to a Portable USB Drive

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Note: We are no longer accepting entries for this event. See the due dates page for a list of all event due dates.

About This Event



Date of Event

May 3, 2010

Due Date

May 10, 2010


Event Scenario

You have a group of files you would like to copy to several portable USB drives for a college course. You do not want to have to drag and drop every time a new drive is inserted into your USB port. You would like instead to automatically copy the files to the drive when the portable drive is inserted into your USB port.

Design points

·         Your script should allow you to select a file, a group of files, a folder, or a group of folders to contain the files that will be copied.

·         Your script should offer a “quiet mode” and a “prompt mode” based upon a switch supplied to the script when it is launched. Quiet mode should be the default. In quiet mode, the script copies the target files/folders to the newly inserted drive without user interaction.

·         Your script should run in continuous loop fashion, until it is stopped. Or it should offer to make a specific number of copies based upon a command-line argument. For example, make 5 copies of the data, and then stop.

·         Your script should offer a “force” mode that will overwrite existing files, or a “prompt” mode that will prompt before overwriting existing files. This should also be configurable via the command argument.

·         Extra points for informing the user of the number of files to be copied and their total size; and for checking to ensure that the newly inserted drive has enough free disk space.



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