2010 Scripting Games: Advanced Event 3–Creating Text Files for Class Note-Taking


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Note: We are no longer accepting entries for this event. See the due dates page for a list of all event due dates.

About This Event



Date of Event

April 28, 2010

Due Date

May 5, 2010


Event Scenario

You need to create text files in a folder off the root, such as c:fso. The text files are named after the class a student is taking, and the numerical year, month, and day. The text files will be used as templates a student can use to take notes in class. The contents of one of the files is seen in the following image.

Imag of contents of one file


The six classes being taken are: Shakespeare, World Literature, Calculus 2, Physics, Music Appreciation, and American Literature Since 1850.

Design Criteria

·         Each file name is made up of the date and the class name.

·         Each file should include the class name and the date listed inside the file.

·         Your script should allow the user to choose the folder in which the files are created.

·         Your script should check to see if the folder exists and create the folder if it does not exist.

·         Extra design points awarded if the script allows for multiple weeks’ worth of files and automatically calculates the new file names.

·         Extra design points awarded if the script permits the student to supply an array of class names and therefore override the default class names.

·         Extra design points awarded if the script stores the current class names in the registry, and permits default class names or allows for an updated registry key to store new defaults.

·         Style points awarded if the script uses a GUI to permit selecting the target folder.


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