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Implementing DevOps for Quantum Applications

This blog post illustrates how CI/CD-pipelines can be built for hybrid quantum apps with tools from the Quantum Development Kit (QDK), GitHub Actions and various Azure services. These cover the full app lifecycle: from app building, automated testing, resource estimating up to provisioning the target environment and deployment of the app.

Extending the Q# Compiler

In this blog post, I would like to talk about a feature that is especially interesting when it comes to new ways for you to incorporate your own ideas and vision into our tools: Custom compilation steps, which allow you to extend and customize the Q# compilation process.
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Q# 0.6: Language Features and More

With our April release coming out, you may have noticed some major changes. This is therefore a good time to recap the language features we have introduced over the last couple of months, elaborate a little bit on the newest changes, and peek into what is coming next.