Stand Alone Service Fabric Error=EndpointProviderPortRangeExhausted



Here’s a quick tip from Premier Developer consultant Tim Omta that will hopefully save some time for anyone facing this error in a stand alone Service Fabric cluster.

I ran into an issue with a customer wherein they had set up an on-premise, or stand-alone, Service Fabric cluster. They had deployed several services to the cluster and some of the services would seem to randomly fail to start. The only way to see some information about the errors was to take a look in the Application Event logs on the nodes.

We observed errors that looked like this:

End(ActivateServicePackageInstance): AppId=mtsDeviceServiceType_App0, AppVersion=1.0 ServicePackageName=ContainerActorPkg, ServicePackageActivationContext=, ServicePackageVersionInstance=1.0:1.0:131575929604768573, Error=EndpointProviderPortRangeExhausted

Continue reading on Tim’s blog here.

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