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Thanks for visiting our blog.  You might have noticed this isn’t a typical Microsoft blog focusing on a particular product.  Here you will find posts and tidbits of information that span just about every development technology we touch.  If you are a developer, that’s the world you live in today.  Gone are the days when you could specialize in a couple of core technical areas.  Today, you have to navigate an industry that is deep in the transformation of how products are architected, monetized, and delivered to customers.  That requires constant attention to what is changing in the cloud, re-evaluating developer tool sets, and making smart decisions so that your applications are positioned to benefit from innovation and change.  It’s tough to do on your own.

Our team is made up of Azure Certified developers and architects who enable Microsoft’s largest and most strategic customers to build better software.  While many of you may be familiar with making the occasional call to Microsoft Support, the strategic nature of our relationship depends on a durable presence that persists across the product development roadmap.  It’s with the knowledge of our client’s solutions, their team goals, and their business, that we become a person they can count on to keep their teams moving forward.  We’re the partnership, beyond the support center.

If you are part of a team building commercial or enterprise software that touches Microsoft technologies, you probably have a Premier Support or Unified Support relationship in place.  We’re part of that family of services and our charter is to empower developers to achieve more across the software lifecycle.  That’s a really broad statement because it includes so many aspects of development – process, tools, integration, SDKs, training, advisory services, and more.  We’re part of your development team, here at Microsoft.

Our blog is made up of contributions from our team members (and a few featured product team members) based on experiences and insights from supporting our customers.  It covers a lot of different technologies, because– that’s the world developers work in today.  Desktop, Cloud, Mobile, IoT, DevOps, and every SDK you can think of – including technologies integrating with those solutions.  We want to contribute to the development community and showcase the people that make up our team.

For years, we’ve been called “the best kept secret” in Microsoft Services.  We hope this blog demystifies the “secret” part and you benefit from some of the insights here.  We help customers understand technology, but more importantly, we help customers understand the art of the possible–not just with current technology, but emerging technology that is changing the landscape.  If you are a Premier or Unified Support customer, you can reach out to your TAM or ADM to learn more about the people and services featured here.  If you would like to learn more about us, please explore “Relevant Links” below for more information, case studies, and contact info.