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PowerShell Script Analyzer 1.17.1 Released!

Summary: A new version of PSScriptAnalyzer is now available with many new features, rules, fixes and improvements. You might remember me from my previous cross-platform remoting blog post, but just to introduce myself: I am Christoph Bergmeister, a full stack .Net developer in the London area and since the start of this year I am now also ...

Code Coverage – Part 2

In my last post on code coverage, I shared the process for you to collect coverage for your environment. This week, I'll be describing a way to use our tools to create new tests and show how you can measure the increase of coverage for PowerShell Core after adding new tests. To recap, we can collect code coverage with the OpenCover module, and...
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Code Coverage now available for PowerShell Core!

This is the first of a series of posts on PowerShell Core and the tools we use to test it. If you’ve looked at the main project for PowerShell (https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell, you may have noticed a new badge down in the Build status of nightly builds: (image) We are supplying code coverage numbers for our test pass via the ...
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