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Sending data to the Clipboard from PowerShell

Q: Hey I have a fun question! I remember reading a while back about using VBScript to paste to the clipboard. Are we able to do that with PowerShell? A: Why yes, yes we can! It is far often a much quicker solution if we start with PowerShell! Pasting content to the clipboard, the old VBScript method Before we show the quick and easy ...

Borrowing a built-in PowerShell command to create a temporary folder

Q: Hey I have a question for you. It seems silly and I know I could probably put something together with Get-Random. But can you think of another way to create a temporary folder with a random name in PowerShell? Ideally, I'd like it to be in a user's own "Temporary Folder" is possible. A: We sure can! If Doctor Scripto was sitting here ...