New Feature? :: Delayed cancellation



We’re interested in adding support for scheduling
cancellation.  For example:


// Create a
token source that will Cancel() after a delay
var cts = new CancellationTokenSource(TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(100));

// And/or
schedule a Cancel() call

We’ve heard from many folks that this is a desired feature
and have found good uses for it ourselves. 
Interestingly, we would also allow CancelAfter() to be called multiple
times to reset the delay (provided the token source was not already canceled,
of course).  One could also effectively
cancel the cancellation by calling CancelAfter() with TimeSpan.MaxValue.


One potential issue we’ve been thinking through is whether/how
to deal with exceptions that fly out of user-registered delegates.  Recall that we strongly discourage throwing
exceptions from callbacks registered with a CancellationToken, though it is
possible to handle such exceptions today:


=> { throw new Exception(“HA!”); });

try { cts.Cancel(); } // invokes the callbacks
catch { // Caught it! }

However, if you use this new feature to cancel
asynchronously, you won’t ever have a chance to handle the exception, and it
would likely bring down your application. 
Some are of the opinion that we need not do anything about this, but
we’ve been brainstorming potential solutions anyway.  We’re definitely curious what you think
=).  Feel free to answer these questions
if you want:

  1. What do you think about unhandled exceptions
    flying out of user-created token callbacks? 
    Should we support this use case?
  2. Any feedback about the general feature?






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