Announcing the “Parallel Programming in Native Code” Blog


Our colleagues working on native concurrency have just launched the Parallel Programming in Native Code blog.  We’re all on the same team and work really closely to ensure that the right programming models are exposed both for managed and native consumers, so you will be able to use your language of choice.


Here’s a little bit from the Welcome post explaining what they’re all about.


“…We’re looking to help overcome these barriers and improve productivity for C++ developers.


We want to make expressing concurrency easier by adding abstractions for describing opportunities for parallelism that maintain the original intent, readability and composability of the code. 


We’re trying to minimize the number of new concepts we introduce to ensure that the model remains approachable and familiar to mainstream C++ developers.


We’re exploring ways for developers to overcome the challenges of shared memory by providing a means of describing applications as isolated components that communicate with a rich message passing interface.


We’re looking at providing a common and efficient Concurrency Runtime that supports a broad range of parallel abstractions and removes the need for developers to build this infrastructure.”


Check out the post to see an example of their work in action.


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