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Python in Visual Studio Code - March 2024 Release

The March 2024 release of the Python and Jupyter extensions for Visual Studio Code are now available. This month's updates include new add import Code Actions from Pylance, improvements for developing and testing web apps, shell integration in the Python REPL, and improved language support for local Jupyter servers. Keep reading to learn more!

Exploring space-time tradeoffs with Azure Quantum Resource Estimator

Introduction We are delighted to present a new experience for exploring space-time tradeoffs recently added to the Azure Quantum Resource Estimator. Available both as Azure Quantum Development Kit (VS Code extension) and a Python package, it adds a new dimension to estimates. Resource estimation doesn't just yield a single group of numbers...

Create multilingual copilots with the Power Platform CLI and Microsoft Copilot Studio

A while ago, it became possible to create multilingual copilots in Microsoft Copilot Studio. It's easy to enable the setting and have multiple languages in your copilot, but do you know how to translate your copilot into a different language? In this blog, I will show you how it can be done! This blog is part of a multi-part series on the ...

Visual Studio's Full Year in Review (2023)

In 2023, we added many new features, fixes, and improvements to Visual Studio 2022 to make your coding experience more productive, enjoyable, and accessible. This blog post looks back at all the notable enhancements that shipped in 2023 for Visual Studio 2022. Here are the recaps for the year:  For...

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