NuGet 1.8 Released

The NuGet Team

We’re happy to announce that we released NuGet 1.8 on 5/23/2012. This release includes support for localized satellite assemblies, nuget.exe performance improvements, and 34 bug fixes. Details are in the NuGet 1.8 Release Notes.

Known issue on Windows XP

We would like to call out that shortly after NuGet 1.8 was released, we learned that a cryptography change in 1.8 broke users on Windows XP. Do not install NuGet 1.8 onto a Windows XP machine; if you have already installed NuGet 1.8, you can uninstall it and reinstall NuGet 1.7 using this download link.

We are working on a NuGet 1.8.1 release to address the regression. There is a CodePlex discussion thread for this issue, which resulted in a work item to fix the regression.


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