Jiachen Jiang

Product Manager, .NET Data Access/Entity Framework

Jiachen is a Product Manager on the .NET Data Access team. They work on making .NET powerful and easy to use for data work, whether developers are writing their first query or managing a complex enterprise database. Jiachen is a huge fan of absurd satirical fiction (a la Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett) and indie movies.

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Introducing the New NuGet.org Package Details Page

Today, we are excited to announce a massive makeover for the package details page on NuGet.org. We built NuGet.org to help .NET developers find packages that will accelerate their projects, and this latest update has changes meant to help package consumers and authors alike.

State of the NuGet Ecosystem

Recently, our team launched our first quarterly user survey for NuGet.org. With over 500 responses, we wanted to spend some time to share with you what we've learned in these last few months.

Custom V2 OData queries will be deprecated March 9, 2021

We announced the deprecation of custom V2 OData queries (#37) last year and conducted a dry run in early November to ensure that there are no surprises for users. Going forward, we plan to bring all new features and improvements only to the newer V3 APIs. As part of this strategy, we will begin blocking select endpoints used by 3rd party ...