Office Add-ins community call – February 12, 2020

February’s call, hosted by David Chesnut, featured the following presenters and topics:

  • Jeffrey Dunn, Senior Designer, provided an overview of Office Scripts.
  • Sylvia Okafor, Program Manager, presented a new Visual Studio template for .NET Core and Fabric React for Office Add-ins.

Watch the call here.


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Is there an Excel API for managing Notes in Excel (i.e., the old style of comments)?

Managing notes via the Excel JavaScript API is not currently supported.

Are Office Scripts available to all Office insiders?

You need to enable them here.

Do Office Scripts also work with the Add-ins, i.e., Is possible to automate task pane actions?

The Script Recorder currently only supports base Excel actions. It’s powered by the Excel JavaScript API.

Is this (Power Automate) suitable for application-level add-ins?

Add-ins with REST APIs can create custom connectors for Power Automate.

I heard about an effort to use Python to “script” actions in Excel for the Web. Is that going to happen?

Asks for a second language have come up often in the Excel ecosystem, but there are no definitive plans at this point.

Are Office Scripts available on just the web or desktop as well?

Just the web, for now.

Do you have any plans to support Blazer for the client development?

Not right now, but we could accelerate support if MVPs are willing to assist.

Any news on when you will continue working on the PowerPoint JavaScript API?

Not yet, but you’re on the right channel as we’ll share here once we get started on this. The team is primarily focused on Outlook and Excel, currently.

Is there a plan to implement a hook function for the “Undo send” feature in Outlook add-ins? The email sending delay starts after the send button is pressed with the “Undo send” function enabled. At this time, if the user cancels sending, no mail is sent. I would like to be able to hook this cancellation event.

This is not on the roadmap at this time. Please submit a feature request on our Office developer UserVoice site. We’d love to hear more about this.

When will this API, currently in preview, release to general availability (GA):  addFromBase64(base64File, sheetNamesToInsert, positionType, relativeTo)? Please advise again on the ETA.

This API is only available in preview for Win32 and Mac at this time. We don’t have a timeline available yet as we need to resolve some dependencies to correctly support the feature on Excel on the web.


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