Microsoft Teams community call–February 19, 2019

The Microsoft Teams community call is our regular event for developers to stay in sync with Microsoft Teams. We’ll share updates, tips, and connect you to the product teams behind Microsoft Teams. In addition, we’ll have a technical deep dive on a specific topic.

This month’s topics included:

What’s new on the Microsoft Teams platform for developers

  • Stability & Performances fixes​
  • Backend work to enable amazing things I can’t talk about!
  • Deep links can trigger chat actions & scheduling actions​

Building Line of Business Applications on Microsoft Teams

  • Why build on the Teams platform?
  • What kinds of problems can you solve?
  • Teams app building blocks

What’s coming next for developers

  • Teams Bot Builder SDK v4 for Node preview release
  • Mobile parity for apps, including: Messaging Extensions, Channel Tabs in app, Authentication in app, Task modules
  • Request access to device functionality (camera, microphone, location)
  • App pinning
  • App localization support

Watch the call here.

View the presentation here. 


Can you make apps available only for specific channels?

Currently the best way to do this is to enable side-loading and side-load the app directly into the Team you want to provide the app for. The rest of your organization would not be able to access the app.

Can bots be integrated with 3rd party services?

Yes. This functionality is provided by the Bot Framework. Microsoft Teams is just an additional channel your bot can speak to. See:

Can a bot be surfaced in SharePoint?

Not out of the box, but you can find a sample to get your started here:


From February’s call

Other Microsoft Teams Resources

Additional resources

Next month’s call is on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 8:00AM PST. Download the calendar invite at



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