Zach Rosenfield

Partner Group Product Manager,  Collaboration Platform & Microsoft Syntex

Zach Rosenfield is a Group Product Manager at Microsoft, where he focuses on the development of Microsoft Syntex and the SharePoint Platform. With over 16 years of experience at Microsoft, Zach has spent his career growing momentum for collaboration within Microsoft Office365. As employee '0' of the cloud version of SharePoint (SPO), Zach has played an integral role in many different parts of the product's development. Zach resides in Bend, Oregon with his wife and two daughters. When he's not at work, he can be found exploring the great outdoors on skis or mountain bikes, indulging in his many hobbies, or spending quality time with his family.

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Introducing Syntex repository services: Microsoft 365 superpowers for your app

Microsoft Syntex repository services are a faster way to build file and document focused apps, powered by SharePoint. It is now easy for every developer, ISV and enterprise to include critical Microsoft 365 file and document capabilities in every app built.