Michael Aldridge

Principal Program Manager

Own and manage the UX, development and sprint management of the revamped Microsoft 365 Developer Program launched in March 2018. I’m also the Principal PM for Microsoft Access. I create the roadmap, specs and sprint prioritization partnering with a team of designers and engineers. A key part of my focus is also to talk with customers directly on a regular basis to glean data driven insights into how we prioritize and build our experiences.

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Microsoft 365 Developer Program launches new instant sandbox with Teams sample data pack

New capabilities offers Teams and Microsoft 365 developers a turnkey developer environment in seconds! Join the Microsoft 365 Developer Program to get your new instant sandbox today!

New Microsoft 365 E5 subscription with EMS now available for developers

Starting this week, all new members of the Office 365 Developer Program (including Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise members) can sign up for a Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscription (Windows not included). This replaces the Office 365 E3 developer subscription that we made available starting in March 2018.

Microsoft Graph Sample Data Packs Now Available in Office 365 Developer Program

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of two sample data packs to help remove this pain point with basic automated sandbox creation: Users - Includes fictitious users, metadata, and photos to simulate a small corporate environment of 16 users. Mail & Events (to be installed after Users) - Populates Outlook email conversations and calendar events for each of the 16 sample users.

New Microsoft 365 Developer Program benefits for Visual Studio subscribers

Office 365 Developer Program now offers integrated benefits with Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise. Your paid subscription in both programs grants you a free renewable Office 365 Developer subscription with up to 25 users.

New renewable Office 365 developer subscriptions launch on April 3rd

Office 365 developer program announces a new renewable developer subscription. On April 3rd, we moved to a new model that enables a perpetual renewal of your developer subscription. Now, you can get a free Office 365 developer subscription with 25 user licenses to use to build your solutions and it will remain active for as long as you’re actively developing and deploying solutions. No more rip and replace after one year.