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Building Go applications with the Microsoft Graph Go SDK, now generally available

Have you ever wanted to access Microsoft data and services in your Go applications? Now you can, with the Microsoft Graph Go SDK, now generally available.

Microsoft Graph .NET SDK: New organization name for NuGet packages

We are announcing a change to the NuGet organization that publishes Microsoft Graph .NET SDK on Starting in May 2023, the NuGet organization will be changing from “Microsoft_Graph_Clients_and_Tooling” to “MicrosoftGraph”. What is the impact of this change? The organization rename might impact projects that use the ...

Microsoft Graph .NET SDK v5 is now generally available 

Take advantage of a fluent API and models that support retry handling, secure redirects, batching requests, large file management and more with the Microsoft Graph .NET SDK v5, now generally available.

Write simpler code with the new Microsoft Graph .NET SDK v5

Today, we’re announcing the release candidate of Microsoft Graph .NET SDK version 5.0 that includes features to enhance your development experience.

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