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Announcing the Microsoft 365 Developer Technology Adoption Program (TAP)

Today, we are announcing the launch of the Microsoft 365 Developer Technology Adoption Program (TAP), an evolution of the Microsoft Graph TAP.

Microsoft Graph Mailbag – Search DriveItems for Only Files

In today’s Microsoft Graph Mailbag post, we’ll use the Microsoft Search APIs on Microsoft Graph to return only files/documents.

Microsoft Graph Mailbag – Using LargeFileUploadTask with Microsoft Graph SDKs

In today’s Microsoft Graph Mailbag post, we’ll use LargeFileUploadTask from the Microsoft Graph SDKs to upload large files.

30DaysMSGraph – Upgrading to MSAL .NET v4

We wrapped up the #30DaysMSGraph series in Nov 2018.  Since that time there have been a few updates to the Microsoft Graph SDK as well as the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL).  Notably MSAL for .Net and JavaScript are now generally available (GA) with v3.0.8 and MSAL.Net 4.0.0 is now available as well.  This is a good opportunity to upgrade the samples in the dotnetcore-console-sample repo to leverage MSAL .Net v4.

30DaysMSGraph – Day 30 – Community resources and next steps

In Day 29 we uploaded files to OneDrive with Microsoft Graph requests.  Today we wrap up this 30 Days of Microsoft Graph series with a few community resources, ask for your feedback, and share a few next steps.

30DaysMSGraph – Day 29 – Use case: Upload files to OneDrive

In Day 28 we created a webhook notification for Microsoft Graph events.  Today we will interact with files stored in OneDrive.

30DaysMSGraph – Day 28 – Use case: Webhooks

In Day 27 we created a Team with Microsoft Graph.  Today we’re looking at webhooks in Microsoft Graph.

30DaysMSGraph – Day 27 – Use case: Create a Team

In Day 26 we concluded calling Microsoft Graph using Flow.  Today, we'll show how to create teams and automate team lifecycles.

30DaysMSGraph – Day 25 – Use case: Create a OneNote notebook

In Day 24 we concluded configuring implicit flow authentication on a single-page application.   Today we'll extend the base console application to create a OneNote notebook, section, and page.

30DaysMSGraph – Day 22 – Device and App Management with Intune

In day 21 we added plans, buckets, and tasks to Planner.  Today we will be building on the .Net Core sample application started in Day 15 to add support for the device and app management functionality offered by Intune.