Announcing the general availability of the Microsoft To Do API in Microsoft Graph

Office Add-ins team

We’re excited to announce that the Microsoft To Do API is now generally available in Microsoft Graph worldwide. Previously, the API was available through the beta endpoint only; now you can access it through the production v1.0 endpoint.

API details

The organization of the To Do API is structurally similar the organization of To Do tasks in our first party app. We have a todoTaskList entity, consisting of a collection of todoTask entities. We are also are introducing a new entity called linkedResource, which enables task completion. You can use it to store and display the link back to the item in your app from where the task was created.

The new API supports personal and work and school accounts. The required permission scope to access the API is Tasks.ReadWrite. All the resources support CRUD operations.

CRUD operation on todoTaskList entity  /me/todo/lists
CRUD operation on todoTask entity  /me/todo/lists/<listId>/tasks
CRUD operation on linkedResource entity  /me/todo/lists/<listId>/tasks/<taskId>/linkedResources

Now that these APIs are available in v1.0, you can use them in your production apps. To learn more and get started:

What’s next?

We are committed to bring continuous improvements and capabilities to make To Do APIs best in class. If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions, let us know on our User Voice or on Stack Overflow or email us at .

We can’t wait to see what you’ll build with the APIs!

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