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Shweta Gupta

Shweta started coding in university and quickly fell in love with it. She loved her computer classes because of the real-world examples and practical solutions. After college, she moved to a big city in the hope of finding a job that let her code.

Unfortunately, her education qualifications didn’t transfer well from her school to the city. She ended up getting a job in tech support for a while before taking a risk and joining a software startup company. She worked for two years without a salary before the company hit the jackpot by creating regulatory software for the Bombay Stock Exchange. While Shweta enjoyed the work she was doing, she always felt she was fighting for time to do an excellent job on each project.

She decided to join Microsoft and became one of the first people in India to onboard ISVs to Azure. She enjoyed the in-depth engagement with enterprise customers as she helped them move to Azure Cloud. She is now the Principal SDE Lead for the CSE Dev crews. She loves CSE because she gets the benefit of a big company, with the flexibility and variety of work that you would get with a smaller one. She never feels like she must fight for time and can always focus on doing the best job for the customer.

One of her favorite projects was working with a construction company in India. The customer itself was a traditional manufacturing company with 500,000 assets. They needed a way to maximizing the availability of these assets across projects. As projects would sometimes be delayed because they didn’t have the assets they needed to continue. Her team looked at the data coming in from these types of projects and created a solution where they lit up areas where assets were under or over-utilized — completely redesigning how their systems were working for real-estate and more.