Announcing Azure IoT Edge Jenkins plugin

Xin Shi


We are proud to announce the availability of the Azure IoT Edge plugin for Jenkins, which provides Jenkins native capability to continuously build IoT Edge solutions and deploy to Azure IoT Edge devices. Depending on your environment, you can choose to use Azure DevOps Services together with Jenkins, or leverage this plugin to deliver your Intelligent Edge solutions.

Azure IoT Edge is a fully managed service that delivers cloud intelligence locally by deploying and running artificial intelligence (AI), Azure services, and custom logic directly on cross-platform IoT devices. You can build your Azure IoT Edge solution using C#, Python, Node.js, C and Java and containerize your code with Windows or Linux containers. Or you can bring Azure services such as Functions, Stream Analytics, and Machine Learning to the edge.

This release of the Azure IoT Edge plugin for Jenkins supports

  • Build your custom module in C#, Python, Node.js, C or Java, or C# Functions and push to Azure Container Registry or other Docker registries you want.
  • Build to Amd64-Linux containers or Amd64-Windows containers.
  • Deploy to single IoT Edge device or deploy to multiple devices with the same tag at scale.

The plugin is pipeline-ready so you can use it in a Jenkinsfile. You can find a walkthrough of deploying an Azure IoT Edge solution on Jenkins Hub.


Additional support, such as building module images for ARM-Linux containers with Azure Container Registry Build, is on the roadmap. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.

As always, we would love to get your feedback via comments below. You can also email to let us know what you think.



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