Alexandre Zollinger Chohfi

Senior Software Developer Engineer, Windows + Devices (APS)

Alexandre Chohfi is a Senior Software Development Engineer focused on Windows Development. He used to be a game developer, and is also a former Microsoft MVP in Windows Platform Development. He presented at hundreds of events all over Brazil, such as TechEd Brasil, Campus Party, The Developers Conference São Paulo, QCon Rio and QCon São Paulo. While working at Microsoft, he also presented internationally in India, Taiwan and Indonesia, for the Insider Dev Tour.

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WinUI Desktop Unit Tests

Lets jump straight into how to create a Unit Test project for WinUI Desktop, using MSTest!

Creating a Windows Service with C#/.NET5

Lets create a simple app with C#/NET5 and see how we can register it as a Windows Service, logging information into the Windows Event Viewer, and moving some files around based on the outputs of a Machine Learning Model.

Command Line Parser on .NET5

Lets learn how to parse command-line arguments in a C#/.NET5 application, and how a simple NuGet package can make this process much easier and declarative.

Using WinML in .NET5

Lets get our hands down and create a simple .NET5 console app that uses WinML to analyse an image and classify what it is using a pre-built machine learning model.

WinUI 3 Preview 3

Microsoft released Windows UI Library (WinUI) 3, an evolution of the UWP/XAML platform, that decouples the XAML UI framework from the Windows OS, and ships it in its whole as a NuGet package, effectively allowing developers to support new features of XAML on older versions of Windows 10 without the need of end-users to upgrade their OS.