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OK, I am about to take a community leap of faith. There’s been several discussions going on on the web about p&p, specifically about CAB and SCSF. Without going into details, one the key arguments around our deliverables is that they are too complex and too heavy. A further argument is that we build these products with our heads in the clouds and are not really connected with customer needs. Without either defending or denying, let me ask you quite simply. What would you have us build? The time is ripe for the client team to ask this question as we are about to begin development of our Web Client Software Factory.

This is not the first time I’ve posted on this, though in my past list I gave a set of starter items. I think this sent the message that suggestions needed to be confined to that list, they didn’t. So let’s forget the starter items and pretend the slate is wiped clean. Your task is to come up with a solution to help developers build enterprise web applications on top of ASP.NET. You’ve got a team of about 10 devs and testers for a period of 4 months.

What would the next release look like to you? This can include something as radical as throwing out the Web Software Factory altogether starting from scratch (though I am not suggesting this 🙂 ), or maybe it’s suggestions of additional scenarios we should support within the factory that we don’t currently. Perhaps you think we need to change what we are doing and do it in a different way. The main thing I am interested in are what are your pain points, and how can we help you address them. Scenarios here is key, not technical details and you can be as free-form as you would like.

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