We’re revving SCSF and WCSF for VS2008




My blog has been quiet the past few days as I’ve been busy working on user stories for the new Composite WPF (formerly WPF Composite Client). You’ll be hearing more about this in the coming weeks as we get more clarity, by here’s some good news:

1. We’re working on the next release of WCSF 2.0 which will ship on Visual Studio 2008! (Check Blaine’s blog for more information to follow on that release).

2. Even more goodness, we’re revving Smart Client Software Factory/CAB for VS2008! (Thanks James for reminding me)

We’re not changing the feature set or ripping open the box any more than we have to, though there will likely be updates to the Guidance Package in order to get it to work on 2008.

Our main driver is to provide a fully compatible version of SCSF and WCSF that customers can carry forward with .NET 3.5, and using the latest version of GAT/GAX.

Both WCSF and the latest rev of SCSF will be shipping sometime in February, look for them coming to a theater near you. Of course if you can’t wait, you can get started with VS2008 now by following this post for WCSF and these posts for SCSF.

Update: Due to delays in WCSF, SCSF will not be shipping in February. We’re looking now that the March timeframe.

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