Web Client Validation Bundle shipped!



Hey guys, we just shipped the Validation Bundle.

The guidance in this bundle is designed to help you streamline the end-user experience of your web applications by utilizing ASP.NET AJAX to invoke server-side validation. Additionally you will find guidance on how to improve maintainability of your applications by reusing domain object validations across multiple screens, applications and tiers. You’ll also find a set of guidelines on how to perform security validation in order to protect your sites from SQL Injection, Cross-Site scripting, etc. Like the Contextual Autocomplete Bundle, this guidance is applicable for both WCSF and standard ASP.NET non-WCSF based solutions.

What is in the bundle?

  • Validation QuickStart: source code to demonstrate how to improve UI responsiveness for validation and reuse of validation rules across pages.
  • Validation Application Block from Enterprise Library 3.1: Validation Application Block binary.
  • AJAXControlToolkit.WCSFExtensions.dll: Contains the ServerSideValidationExtender which invokes ASP.NET validators including the Enterprise Library PropertyProxyValidator via AJAX
  • Acceptance Tests: Manual tests that can be executed to walk you through the Quickstart functionality.
  • Documentation: Documentation explaining Validation Guidelines (Security, Schema, and so on) the Quickstart, and how to use the extender.

Go check it out here and let us know what you think! Also check out what others are saying.

Glenn Block

Sr. Program Manager, Azure

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