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As Blaine menioned, we’re right at the point when we are about to begin planning for the next version of WCSF. I’d like to hear what you think we should be building. In the spirit of Tom’s prior post, let’s use the monetary system. You’ve got $100 to spend on building WCSF. What features would you include, and how much would you spend on each? (in terms of importance to the release). Let your mind loose concenring features, and don’t be afraid to ask us to invest in restructuring / refactoring to make the factory more friendly / usable.

Here’s a few ideas to get things rolling. Some of these are based on the most voted upon in the issue tracker. Others are ideas I am throwing into the mix based on gut feelings and customer exchanges. Feel free to add additional items not on this list.

  • Entlib 3.0 support (VAB, PIAB), etc
  • ASP.NET AJAX Support
  • Silverlight [WPF/E] Support
  • Complex Page Flows
  • UI Composablity
  • Less manual coding, more configuration, i.e. Service Registration via config, etc.
  • Making the factory model driven. (Supports adding, removing and editing existing artifacts)
  • Visual tools for navigating the factory solution projects and class files.
  • Code snippets for repetitive tasks
  • Richer debugging i.e. visual tools.
  • Performance enhancements

OK, on your mark, get set, GO!


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