The ALT.NET Criterion



Recently I was on a mail thread where the following question was raised. "What are the kinds of things that concern folks from the ALT.NET community?"

Over the past year I’ve been pretty involved with ALT.NET and have been part of countless conversations, blogs and email threads on this topic. One of the main takeaways from those experiences is that many of the problems in developing software arise from a lack of application of the following set of principles.

  1. Separation of Concerns
  2. Single Responsibility Principle
  3. Law of Demeter (LOD)
  4. DRY
  5. Not doing BDUF
  6. Liskov
  7. Favoring Composition over Inheritance

These principles are orthogonal to language, technology and platform. Applying each of these principles leads to software that is easier to test, easier to maintain, and easier to extend.

So the real question is not about ALT.NET, it’s "How do we build better software?"

Glenn Block

Sr. Program Manager, Azure

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