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The past month or so our good friend (and my predecessor) Eugenio has been busy developing a Litware HR Smart Client application (LitwareSC) using the SCSF (see screenshot below). 

In addition to WPF support, one of the other challenges Eugenio and team faced is creating an application that will function either online of offline. Fortunately we’ve provided functionality to address both in our last SCSF release.

  • The Disconnected Service agent provides an offline queueing mechanism for web service calls.

  • The ConnectionMonitor application block provides a mechanism that allows both polling of network connection status, as well as receiving notifications when the status changes. Having this functionality means you can create “smart” CAB services to access your data that either access a remote or local data store (SQL Compact) depending on connectivity.

  • WPF Interop support within SCSF allows creating WPF views within Smart client applications.


There’s no code yet to share (though there will be soon), but if you check Eugenio’s post you’ll get a great picture of what they are setting out to accomplish.

Also if you are interested in building offline apps, we will be publishing shortly a sample that will show you how to build an offline application utilizing SCSF and the new ADO.NET Synch services. That post will probably be entitled ‘Synch Services and SCSF Better together’ 🙂

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Glenn Block

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