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I forgot to post on this, well better late than never. This weekend I’m speaking at the Seattle CodeCamp on WCSF and SCSF. Actually Day one is over, which leaves one more talk left tomorrow on using SCSF and the Disconnected Service Agent.

Session state injection your way with WCSF – Saturday, 1:45 to 3:00 PM

The StateValue mechanism in Web Client Software Factory provides a nice clean way of injecting values to and from ASP.NET’s session state. One of it’s big advantages is it provides for testability, allowing the values to be substituted in a unit test. Another big advantage is that it allows a declarative way for values from ASP.NET Session’s state to be plugged in. But what happens if you aren’t relying on ASP.NET Session and have a custom or third-party mechanism? Are you "up the creek without a paddle"? Actually no. Come to this session and I’ll show you to "Have it your way" and make our Session State strategy bow to submission.

Track: ASP.NET

Black Belt DSA, building Duplex AgentsSunday, 10:45 to 12 PM

The Disconnected Service Agent in the Smart Client Software Factory allows you to queue up web service calls to a remote server when disconnected. These calls are played back once the connection returns. This is great for simple message exchange patterns that instantly return a response. However, it does not help you in the case of a long-running operation in which the response is to be returned out-of-band. Come to this session and see how we can tweak the DSA to allow it receive an asynchronous response. We’ll utilize a WCF Duplex channel to provide an agent that will make a call and go about it’s merry way until it receives a call back from the server. This functionality is beneficial beyond offline scenarios, I’ll show you how you can also use this technique to faciliate exchange patterns with multiple responses. For example requesting a large result set of data that is returned in a chunked fashion over multiple successive calls. If you are developing with SCSF / CAB, don’t miss this session.

Track: WCF and WF

Today I delivered my WCSF talk which quickly changed from what I had intended to speak on into a deep dive into WCSF. I guess you could call this Agile presenting. Although I didn’t deliver the topic I expected, the session went well with a very small but engaged group. A real treat for me was attending Brad Wilson and Jim Newkirk’s talk on In addition to learning about a lot of the history behind NUnit, I took away the following: The problem with TDD is [Test], and it’s a brave new world of [Fact]s and [Theory]s. Another treat was being able to geek out with a bunch of the attendees including my work buddies.

I’ll post decks and code from the talks after the conference. Hope to see you there!

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