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One of my favorite book series is the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adam’s masterpiece in which the main protagonist Arthur Dent searches throughout the universe for the perfect cup of tea. Well now life is mimicking art (well maybe not exactly) in that I find myself searching far and near for the perfect Twitter client. Today I came across Snitter, and with this my search may indeed be over. I basically came across it by accident. I was looking through my tweets and found this one from Scott.


The thing that caught my eye when I saw this was not so much Scott’s tweet (although that is interesting now that I just became the proud owner of an XBOX 360), as was the "about 2 hours ago from Snitter". Snitter? I thought, what’s that. Well one Adobe AIR followed by Snitter install later, and I was happily surprised with what popped up on my screen.


Snitter has a nice set of configuration options including multiple themes, and user designed styles. Aside from that it also offers in addition views for Archive, Replies, Favorites, Friends, Followers and Direct.

image image   image

The developer has also tweeted that he is considering having a timeline along with a keyword search.

Why I like it:

1. Nice and compact

2. Themes and custom styles

3. Provides all my twitter information in one place.

4. Fast

So if you are like me and have been scouring the universe for that perfect cup of Twitter tea, checkout Snitter. Oh and So long and thanks for all the fish 🙂

Glenn Block

Sr. Program Manager, Azure

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