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Allright, I should be sleeping however I am up at this late hour due to watching Paulo Morgado’s recent Geek Speak web cast where he spoke about Web Client Software Factory 2.0 bundles. Paulo is one of our MVPs who is always pushing the cutting edge with Web Client. That’s his likeness in the picture above. I found out the hard way at Tech-Ed Europe that he actually looks nothing like that 🙂

Paulo covers a lot of ground in the hour including coverage of the new AJAX  bundles.

As a bonus he also demonstrates the EventBroker and ECommerce site (something I keep forgetting to post on) we included in the contrib project. (On the subject of EventBroker I’ll now do a shameless plug for our recent Notification spike which illustrates  a loosely coupled, type-safe approach for pub/sub)

As I mentioned in a previous post, this is not the same old factory you remember. We’ve broken out alot of the new functionality into these separate bundles in order to give customers more options to pick and choose. We’ll still be shipping a factory that contains all the different bundles in one place, for those that are already committed to using it in it’s entirely.

If you want to get a good lap around many of the new features in WCSF 2.0 (which is on the heels of releasing) then check out Paulo’s videos. Great job Paulo!

PS: Don’t be alarmed that you don’t see the Guidance Package in action in the video. It’s alive and well as it the Composite Web Application Block. In fact we’ve added some new goodies in the next release like optimizations to Object Builder, and support for Dependency Injection on User Controls, Master Pages, and ASMX web services. More about this to come.

View recorded web cast here

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