Open Space UnSessions at PDC



I forget to mention this in my last post, but this deserves it’s own. If you are going to PDC, check out the Open Space sessions, I mean UnSessions. I know, I know you are thinking it will be a cheap knock off. Surprise, it won’t! Doc the man himself will be there facilitating.

Doc will be joined by a bunch of organizers including my blue-badge buddies Jason Olson, Jonathan Carter, Josh Holmes. Add to that Alan Stevens, Rob Zelt (INETA) and Morgan Baker (INETA). Oh and based on an IM conversation Jason and I just had, I’ll be helping out in an honorary capacity 🙂

Read more about it at Jason’s post here.

You can bet I’ll be finding ways out of getting my schedule too booked up so I can get my fill.

I heart open-space 🙂

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