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Hi everyone

I’ve recently joined patterns & practices as the Product Manager for the Client Software Stack. I’ll be attempting to fill the noble shoes of my predecessor, Eugenio Pace who has joined the Architecture Strategy team.

With my leaving E-Learning, Gregory Weber will replace me as the developer product planner. If you have any questions on developer e-Learning, please email Greg at I’ll miss my former team from whom I have benefitted a great deal. I know that the developer curriculum is in good hands with Greg at the helm. Although I am leaving, I’ll be continuing to work with Greg to spread the word about E-Learning.

As to my new role in p&p, I’ll be planning the roadmap for our Smart Client, Web Client and Mobile Client software factories. I will also be spending a lot of time connecting with YOU, our customers, to make sure we provide you the best possible experience with our products. Some of the specific areas I will be looking to push the bar on are in the area of DSL and model driven architecture. For more details on the role itself, check out Tom’s great post.

I am extremely jazzed to be working with such a talented and agile team that is literally changing the face of software development. I look forward to bringing you the fruits of their effort and helping you to make software factories a reality within your organizations.

Please continue providing me the feedback that you were sending to Eugenio, my door is always open.

Glenn Block

Sr. Program Manager, Azure

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