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There’s been a lot of talk recently about p&p doing more work on pure patterns. We’ve actually been pushing in this direction internally for quite some time and recently shipped a set of guidance called the MVP Bundle. The bundle focuses on Model-View-Presenter, the principles, flavors and implementation both with and without the Composite Web App block. This means that if you are an enterprise web application architect / developer, then this guidance is for you.

Implementing MVP allows you to design an application that is built for testability, is more maintainable, and that has less brittle UIs. We’ve invested a lot of effort to give you a clear understanding of what MVP is, what the forces are for using it, and how you can implement it. We’ve also given you a set of guidelines to think about in how you implement MVP. Finally there’s the code (quickstarts) which illustrates several different variations on it’s implementation along with documentation to explain how it works.

The bundle landing page is here where you can download the bits. You can also now view the documentation online without downloading, by going here.

This is not about frameworks, this is not about libraries, this is about the patterns.

Glenn Block

Sr. Program Manager, Azure

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