More Web Client goodness shipping, WCSF 2.0.



We’ve been busy getting more guidance packaged up and out the door. If you haven’t been keeping up to date, here’s a few posts that recap the guidance we’ve shipped so far for this next release.

Just within the past week we shipped three more bundles

Composite Web Client Library

A Composite Web Application is composed of a number of discrete, independent, yet functionally complete, pieces. These pieces are integrated together within a Web site. Many line-of-business Web applications consist of different systems built by collaborating teams. Additionally many of these applications require a rich and/or responsive user experience. The Composite Web Application Library helps architects and developers create composite web applications.

Composite Web Client Automation

The Composite Web Client Automation automates creating many of the aspects of creating a Composite Web Client solution through a set of recipes that integrate in to Visual Studio 2005. Additionally it provides automation to create new Web Client solutions that utilize ASP.NET AJAX and upgrading existing ASP.NET applications to use ASP.NET AJAX.

Responsive Composite Web Client RI

The reference implementation is an executable sample Order Entry application that demonstrates integrating the Web client guidance to create a composite responsive a solution. The implementation of the reference implementation follows the same project structure generated by the Automation Guidance Bundle. You can use the reference implementation in different ways. You step through a running example that demonstrates application-specific code built on reusable guidance. You can also copy sections of the source code that implements any particular guidance into your own applications.

So where do we go next?

Robotic Arm

We’re on our way towards what will be Web Client Software Factory 2.0. We’re well past the half-way point, but we still have a bunch more guidance bundles to ship. Here’s what we are currently looking at and the build order. We may not got all of these out the door, but we’re sure going to try.

  • UI Search – Implementing LOB search using AJAX
  • MVP –  Utilizing MVP to separate UI logic into the Presenter.
  • Modularity – Modules, dependency injection and services
  • Page Composition – Creating complex Page Views that contain child views.
  • PageFlow – Declarative UI process navigation.

We’ll be doing a bunch of posts with details on the guidance. The team is also planning to do a set of video casts where we dive in and talk about the different guidance assets, why we build them, how to use them, etc.

If you are building solutions on ASP.NET and WCSF, go get the bits. And remember, our doors always open for feedback.

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