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Silverlight TV


Several weeks ago Hamilton and I recorded several episodes with John Papa on the new Silverlight TV show on Channel 9. We did not one or two but FOUR episodes on Silverlight TV covering the basics as well as some more advanced cases like using metadata views and application partitioning. We also discussed when you should and should not use MEF.

Silverlight TV Episode 4: 3 Steps to MEF – Export, Import, Compose

Silverlight TV Episode 5: Using Metadata with MEF


Silverlight TV 7: When and Where to use MEF

Silverlight TV 11: Dynamically Loading XAPs with MEF

It was great hanging out with John and exploring what you can do with this technology. Also, he’s an awesome host 🙂

If you want to get quickly ramped up on what MEF is and how you use it in Silverlight, go check them out!

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