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Last week, David Start of Elegant Code and I got a chance to chat on ALT.NET, Open Source at Microsoft, and MEF. David was a great host who I am sure loved  responded as he through some curve balls at me. Actually it was a provocative discussion and I enjoyed being able to share my unadulterated thoughts.

On this episode of the Elegant Code Cast, Glenn Block tells us about life inside Microsoft for the ALT.NET crowd. Glenn has been with Microsoft for several years and has worked in several departments during that time, trying to bring the ideals of ALT.NET to the company. His experiences in MS Learning, P&P, and now in the framework team, make for some great stories.

In addition to Agile stories from inside the mother ship, Glenn spreads the good word on MEF.

This discussion should finally draw the curtain on the idea that ALT.Net is anti-Microsoft.

Download the podcast here.

Glenn Block

Sr. Program Manager, Azure

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