Dinner in Tel Aviv days before Tech-Ed 2008



I am writing this from the keynote for Tech-Ed Israel, with my co-presenter Ohad sitting on my left. So far the trip has been great. Upon arrival and after passing through customs, I was happily surprised to find Ohad waiting for me. He’s been a fantastic host, trekking me around Tell Aviv. We spent a lot of time together over the past few days as we prepped for our talks. Up until my arrival in Israel, we’ve been prepping remotely, as well as jointly developing our "Prism" demo. One of the key concepts behind "Prism" is to allow teams to develop separate portions of the system (modules) in isolation. As part of the writing of the demo, we actually did this, so I am happy to say it does work 😉

Although I was extremely jet lagged upon arrival, Ohad had an exciting dinner planned.

Roy Osherove, Udi Dahan, Oren Eini, Ohad Israeli and my former CTO from Global Factory, Itai Raz got together for a 3-hour pure geek out session (we ate as well)


It was a memorable evening with several highlights. One was a discussion with Udi around NServicebus and quick primer on why we need Sagas.

Tel-Aviv 2008 001

The second was a bonding session between Oren and I. We started off by clearing our chests. As you can tell we both had some bent up aggression to let go of.

Tel-Aviv 2008 007   IMG_4922

Finally we hugged and made up. 🙂

Tel-Aviv 2008 008  

A great way to kickoff what I am sure will be a fantastic event. Look for more posts in the upcoming days.

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