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DevTeach is going on this week in Vancouver and kicking off tomorrow. Around this time tomorrow (12:30am) people will probably winding down from Jeffery’s Party with Palermo. I’m happy to have been invited to attend DevTeach and deliver three talks in lieu of David Hayden’s being unable to attend. The topics are one talk on WCSF, one on SCSF, and one on Enterprise Library.

In the WCSF talk we’ll be discussing the work we’ve been doing around ASP.NET AJAX as part of WCSF 2.0. In the SCSF talk we’ll run through the June 2007 SCSF release including WPF interop-features. Finally in the Entlib talk we’ll take a holistic view of Enterprise Library and pay particular attention to the new Entlib 3.1 enhancements including PIAB and VAB.

Detailed session descriptions are below.

Rich Internet App. with ASP.NET AJAX and WCSF
Glenn Block – NET372 -> Evaluation
Building Rich Internet Applications with ASP.NET AJAX and WCSF

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are here! With their arrival comes a whole new set of standards for web user interface experience. In the RIA world, the traditional server-centric continual post-back model no longer cuts the cake. In the new world, it’s all about the browser experience and providing richer, more responsive and fluid applications that look and feel more like a traditional smart-client. Within Microsoft a bunch of technologies have emerged including ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight and SharePoint to address these concerns. For Line-Of-Business application developers using the Web Client Software Factory, they may be asking themselves “Is there anything in this for me?” and “Can I create RIAs with WCSF?”. The answer is a resounding yes! Come to this session to hear about the exciting work we’ve been doing on the client team for Web Client vNext that leverages ASP.NET AJAX to provide that next generation experience. We’ll talk about things like AJAX views, Contextual Auto complete, Client-side validation, DI on user controls, and Presentation flow. We’ll do plenty of coding and demonstrate our RI that shows how all the pieces fit together.

Using Enterprise Library
Glenn Block – NET373 -> Evaluation
Stop writing the same old boring, tedious, and time-consuming plumbing in your applications! Instead, re-use existing application blocks in Enterprise Library to do data access, logging, exception handling, validation, security, etc. This session will show you how to leverage the reusable application blocks in Enterprise Library to make you more productive and create better applications faster. The recently released v3.1 of Enterprise Library has numerous new features for .NET 3.0 as well as two new application blocks, Validation Application Block and Policy Injection Application Block, that will change the way you build applications. We will also discuss the use of Enterprise Library with software factories and new technologies in Orcas to show how Enterprise Library will help you build applications today and in the future.

Using the Smart Client Software Factory
Glenn Block – NET374 -> Evaluation
Create smart client applications faster and using proven practices using the Smart Client Software Factory by Microsoft Patterns & Practices. The software factory provides both a reusable framework that hides much of the development complexity as well as reusable wizards and recipes that automate common tasks in smart client development. The combination of reusable assets and productivity features allow you to spend less time on the plumbing of the application and more time on the business logic, UI, and services that are specific to the application. This session demonstrates 1) the productivity features of the Smart Client Software Factory to create a rich developer experience, 2) new features in the latest version for WPF and occasionally connected clients, and 3) services and guidance to help create more maintainable and better smart clients using today’s proven practices around Model-View-Presenter, Dependency-Injection, pluggable modules, and unit testing. Integration with Enterprise Library and other software factories will be shown to demonstrate how Patterns & Practices solutions offer end-to-end guidance and functionality in your applications.

I’ll also be hanging out at the ATE booth so you can find me there if you have any questions / feedback or if you want to talk about topics like Architecture, our existing guidance or the new WPF Composite Client.

See you there!

I’ve been meaning to fix this for a while. I had all good intentions of having an awesome time with everyone at DevTeach unfortuantely the Canadian border patrol disagreed. Instead I was turned around at around 1:00 AM after taking a bus, and was left stranded at the border with no cash. I could rant on, but as this is not my personal blog, I won’t. I am sorry I didn’t get to meet all of you that attended.

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