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Clarius Consulting recently shipped the December CTP of the Software Factories Toolkit. I have not yet looked at the product, but the demos look quite impressive. Basically SFT is positioning itself as the bridge between DSL Tools and GAT (Guidance Authoring Toolkit) development. SFT comes loaded with a resource kit of tools that greatly simplify integration.

For those that don’t know about DSL tools and GAT, I’ll give you a quick blurb on each.

Guidance Automation Toolkit allows automating repeated developer tasks from within the IDE. The package includes templates, wizards and recipes that you use to create your own guidance packages based on your organizations needs.

DSL (Domain Specific Language) facilitate designing your own modeling tools. Using DSL Tools you can define models which drive a designer similar to the Visual Studio Class Designer. Once you’ve defined your model you can define code generated artifacts off of instances of that model.

Read more about SFT and Clarius’ work with the Patterns and Practices team in Tom Hollander’s blog.

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