Building a Composite Application Framework



In the wake of the “great debate” over the complexity of CAB, Jeremy Miller has done a series of posts on how to build a Composite Application Framework. Jeremy does a good job of removing some of the mystery behind building composite applications. Even if you are a tried and true SCSF/CAB customer, Jeremy’s posts will give you insight into many of the patterns that are at play under the hood i.e. MVP, notification, IOC, etc. If CAB is not right for you (and it’s not right for everyone), then Jeremy’s posts may help you in getting where you want to go.

Below are links to the posts he has done thus far.

  • Preamble
  • The Humble Dialog Box
  • Supervising Controller
  • Passive View
  • Presentation Model
  • View to Presenter Communication
  • Answering some questions
  • What’s the Model?
  • Assigning Responsibilities in a Model View Presenter Architecture

  • Domain Centric Validation with the Notification Pattern

  • Keep checking Jeremy’s blog for more to come in this series!

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