ASP.NET AJAX decisions for WCSF vNext



Alot of our customers have been asking about ASP.NET AJAX support for WCSF, as a matter of fact it’s the most highly voted upon work item in our issue tracker. Now that we’ve heard you on the importance of this feature, the next question is what type of ASP.NET AJAX capabilities do you need? When looking at AJAX, we see two primary scenarios that have emmerged.

1. Supporting partial post backs and ASP.NET AJAX Server controls. Basically this means being able to throw portions of your pages into update panels, allowing those portions to be dynamically updated without a full postback.

2. Exposing WCSF / CWAB functionality on the client. This means we create a set of proxies that you can call from client-side javascript code in order to interact with server functionality i.e. Services, Presenter, Controller, etc without having to post back.

We’ve created two workitems to allow voting on each. Please vote! For server side support, vote here and for client, vote here.

Glenn Block

Sr. Program Manager, Azure

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