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A few weeks ago, Tom announced that the folks over in Entlib contrib have shipped a new release. That’s 10 points for the Entlib contrib guys! In the spirit of competition we took the new release as a real sign we should get our act together in SCSF and WCSF contrib and ship another release of SCSFContrib (now called Smart Client contrib) and also get an initial release going for WCSFContrib.

Today, Matias just announced that we shipped the next version of SCSFContrib. That’s 10 points for us!  Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in the new release. Check Matias’s post for the full skinny.

  • Updater Application Block vNext – Curtis Gray has done a phenomenal job of taking the updater and in addition to making it Vista Friendly, made a bunch of needed changes and fixes.

  • Updater App Block Samples – Bootstrapper, MSI, Automatic Update and Manual update.

  • WPF EnhancementsKent’s at it again with ItemControlChildUIAdapter, FrameworkContentElementActivationService, WrappedCabCommand

  • Smart Client Samples Galore – Shell samples, Workspace samples, Miscellaneous samples.

We’ve also got a nice sample that we’ll be dropping that shows how to use a bunch of new workspaces. This has been contributed by our newest member Juergen. Here’s a screenshot to wet your appetite.


And I am now pleased to announce that we’ve got a WCSFContrib release in the works. A bunch of new folks have joined.

  • Magnus Martenson has created a WCSF Event Broker.  Yes, it’s finally coming, including a Generic mediator. Actually he’s already dropped the code into WCSFContrib. You can read more about it at his post.

  • Paulo Morgado is one of our MVPs who has become a PageFlow maven. He’s going to be pouring a bunch of his work into contrib which will include the ability to replace the persistance store for PageFlow so that it does not need a daatabase, as well as a bunch of enhancements to how our PageFlow implementation works. He’ll also be doing some work on an alternate PageFlow provider that does not require Windows Workflow Foundation.

I can’t give an exact time, but I don’t think it will be too long before you’ll see an official drop. We’ll also get David’s contribution packaged up in there as well. Then we’ll have 20 points 🙂

I highly recommend you go check out the great work the community is doing in contrib! Terrific job guys!

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